Sticky Hip Syndrome: Hip OA

  Primary hip pain affects 14% of adults.1 Management of these conditions is expected to reach 100 billion dollars by 2020 with exponential growth.2 Although, its neighboring partner &n

Can’t We All Just Do a Preventative Bridge? A Hips Complaint.

  Common theme for management of musculoskeletal conditions is early detection and intervention equals optimal outcomes – this does not exclude anterior hip pain.  Two most common ante

Hurry and Seek Care – Timing Matters.

A good therapist once told me that he would rather have a patient with low back pain see a bad therapist early, than a good one late.  How many of us see patients who have had back pain for 15 ye

Why Would My Nervous System Lie to Me?

  Fifty-seven percent of adults have had chronic or recurrent pain in the last year.1 Seventy five percent of all adults make adjustments to their life due to pain.1 Spinal fusion rates have incr

The Ultimate Girl Push Up: McKenzie Method.

  As 62% of patients with low back pain experience pain at 12 months, we continue to spin our wheels on a track valiant effort to improve heterogeneity and treatment patterns to hone in our skill

Give My Spine Stability.

  Who Is the Unstable Patient? The story we tell our patients about their back is a crucial to their wellbeing and self-perception.  As patient expectations become more understood and respec

Do I chase the pop? Story of Manipulation

  Ownership of manipulation is for a whole other post but it should be duly noted that manipulation of the spine has historically been performed by physical therapists since the 1920’s and

Can I Treat Your Back Pain With a Check List?

  Low back pain (LBP) is 50% of our current caseload in clinic, and a general PubMed search for low back pain creates almost 2,500 hits.  Cost of care is comparable to that of cancer, and di

3 Common PT Questions About The Shocks To Your Car: The Meniscus.

  As you can guess, my focus has transitioned slightly from this blog over the last few months to some external projects and case reports. I apologize for the lull in content – although not

One Therapists Skeptical View of Three Treatments: Evidence Review

  Reader Beware: Controversial Topics But Hopeful to Stimulate Healthy Discussion and Debate Craniosacral Therapy Craniosacral therapy (CST) was developed by John Upledger, D.O. in the 1970s. I w


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